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Fire & Flood Restoration and Cleaning Services

Providing high-quality services to Telford, Whitchurch to Shrewsbury, Bridgnorth, Wolverhampton, Dudley West & Powys North

Rainbow International Telford

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Disaster Restoration, Rainbow International Telford

Samuel Wright & David Hanson and the dedicated team deliver a comprehensive range of disaster restoration, specialist commercial cleaning, and carpet and upholstery cleaning and repair services for homeowners and commercial clients.

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Rainbow International is the UK’s largest Restoration & Commercial Cleaning company and provides these services through a nationwide network of over 70 branches.

Many of the UK’s top insurance companies choose Rainbow International on behalf of their policyholder’s claims, with commercial clients also relying on Rainbow International to get their businesses back up and running after a setback or to ensure that operations continue to run smoothly.

Each and every year, Rainbow is entrusted to visit thousands of homes across the country on behalf of the insurance industry. Rainbow International are a trusted partner to help homeowners, landlords, policyholders, and businesses get back on their feet after an unexpected disaster.

So if you require cleaning following a flood, or cleaning following a fire, Rainbow’s branch based in Telford are expert in restoring homes back to pre-incident condition following disasters. Specialist commercial cleaning is also provided to a wide range of commercial and industrial organisations.

…Following a plumbing accident here at Castercliff School it was only the level of equipment and expertise of Rainbow’s technicians that allowed us to avoid an unscheduled closure of the school. Rainbow’s efforts were much appreciated and valued….

Ernest Thornton, Site Supervisor, Castercliff Community Primary School


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Rainbow International Telford
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